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Kin SingTarget


Quality Objectives· Policy

Provide customers with quality service and high quality products


Quality Target: Quality assurance system conforms to GB/T9001-1509001: 2000

Develop long-term mutually beneficial partnership


On Time Delivery aims at 99%

Qualily Policy


Process scrap rate is no more than 2%

Total Quality Control, Continuous improvement, Customer Satisfaction


Yield rate per month in FQC station is more than 95%

Eavironment Policey


Customer complaints is no more than 3 times per month

Protect the environment. Safety Production. Compliance with laws and regulations Energy conservation. Green materials. Delight with manufacturing


Customer complaints handling is 100% accomplished



Customer reject rate per month is no more than 1%

Law-oriented、Eco-friendly、Personnel training、Technological


One-off pass rate on sample approved is more pass 95%