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Kin sing P.C.B. Company Ltd.

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Kin sing P.C.B. Company Ltd. is specialized in double and sophisticated multilayer PCB Hong Kong enterprises. 

Kin sing P.C.B. Company Ltd. is specialized in double and sophisticated multilayer PCB Hong Kong enterprises. It was founded in 2003 in DaYa Wan, Huizhou, China,covers an area of 25 thousand square feet, the monthly output is about 0.6 million square feet. Our products are mainly used in industrial control, digital products,communications, household appliances, automotive and medical and other fields, and exported to Europe, the United States and other countries.


The company takes legal operation, environmentally friendly protection, personnel training, technical innovation as the operation principle to continuously improvequality and provides our customer satisfying products with competitive price, fast andon time delivery and efficiency wholehearted services. We would like to cooperate with new and old customer, grow together and achieve our strategic objectives on the basis of mutual benefit and common development.

Kin sing P.C.B. Company Ltd.